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Photogrammetry Modelling

Photogrammetry Modelling - Visualising Tomorrow using Digital Technologies
Photogrammetry Modelling

Photogrammetry is the ability to convert drone footage, Faro laser scans, CAD/CAM drawings, and photos into detailed and accurate 3D models, measurements, and diagrams, using the latest cutting-edge Photogrammetry technology. 

View the fantastic results of photogrammetry in this video fly-through at one of our plants.

With photogrammetry you can:

  • Generate as built-drawings
  • Measure and model existing installations and equipment
  • Export models for use in 3D CAD programs
  • Do reverse-modelling of mechanical parts

Crossmuller has utilised the latest photogrammetry tools to create, as built, photographic models which are dimensionally correct to +/- 10mm and to create spatially aware 3D CAD models. This allows our clients to design and build with certainty. 

For example, additions to an existing plant which had no drawings or CAD models, can be created by scanning the plant, using the technologies shown below, to semi-automatically create extremely accurate models and drawings with which new equipment additions can easily be made.

Photogrammetry Process Flow

Drone Captured Photo Point Cloud

Faro Laser Scan Point Cloud

The Result - Dimensionally accurate 3D CAD Models

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