Crossmuller Achieves Inductive Automation’s Ignition Core Certification and Sepasoft MES Credentials

Crossmuller Achieves Inductive Automation’s Ignition Core Certification and Sepasoft MES Credentials
Crossmuller is now the only Australian integrator to be certified for Ignition as well as credentialled in all of the key Sepasoft MES modules. But what does this mean for you?

With the growing pressure on Australian business to innovate, reduce waste, increase quality and maximise asset performance, now is the perfect time to consider your platform for digitisation of manufacturing.

What is a Manufacturing Execution System?

One of the key pillars in any digitisation initiative is using a Manufacturing Execution System (MES). 

Manufacturing execution systems deliver information that enables the optimisation of production activities from order launch to finished goods. Using current and accurate data MES guides initiates, responds to, and reports on plant activities as they occur. The resulting rapid response to changing conditions, coupled with a focus on reducing non-value-added activities, drives effective plant operations and processes. MES provides mission-critical information about production activities across the enterprise and supply chain via bidirectional communications.

Inductive Automation’s Ignition and Sepasoft MES platform

In 2019, Crossmuller achieved certification on the Core Ignition platform from Inductive Automation. Ignition is a cross-platform SCADA that offers unlimited tags and users per site, combining powerful capability and competitive pricing. 

Built on the Ignition platform, Sepasoft MES offers a comprehensive set of modules to deliver all key manufacturing operation functions.  Crossmuller has recently invested in becoming a credentialed integrator for the following Sepasoft MES modules:

This gives Crossmuller the capability to design and implement a fully functional and tightly integrated plant SCADA and manufacturing execution solution, based on the Ignition platform.

What this means for you

Crossmuller’s team of experienced engineers can offer a range of cost-competitive, MES solutions using off the shelf components and systems. 

These high-performance products are industry proven and come with a global support network. meaning you get a trusted and proven suite of solutions that are delivered in a controlled way, with ongoing support. 

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