Schneider Electric's Global Software Partner Summit

Schneider Electric's Global Software Partner Summit
This year, Schneider Electric’s Global Software Partner Summit was held at the Wonderware headquarters in Lake Forest, California in February.

This event sees the gathering of System Integrators and Technology Partners from around the world, for networking, product roadmap updates and 1 on 1 sessions with the Schneider managers. Victor Moray representing Crossmuller, and Andrew Hembling representing Borg Group, braved the risk of flash flooding to attend.

Schneider Electric’s focus this year, revolved around enabling System Integrators to deliver ‘Industry Solutions’. Ultimately this means the ‘verticillation’ of SE’s broad suite of software to target specific industries (food and bev, oil and gas, power etc.)  Expect to see this verticillation manifested in product updates, for example, the recently released Wonderware Line Performance product. The next few years will also see a push from SE to integrate product functionality and solutions with Cloud technology.

This is mainly driven by SE’s technology partner, Microsoft, but also from a need to innovate and become agile. ‘If we don’t invest in the cloud now, we will be playing catch-up with our competitors in 5 years’ time.’ Overall, this will be an exciting time in the development space and customer management space for System Integrators.

Some other key take away points from the GSPS are listed below:

  1. CSIA certification will be a pre-requisite for becoming an SE Endorsed Partner.
  2. Release of InTouch Machine Edition 2014 R2.
  3. Release of InTouch 2014 R2 SP1, showcasing an improved library of out of the box HMI controls.
  4. Upcoming release of Wonderware Development Studio Online.
  5. Upcoming introduction of InTouch Window Conversion – migrate standalone applications into a Galaxy – SaaS provided by SE.
  6. Updates to Recipe Manager Plus.
  7. Updates to System Platform.

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