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OEE and Downtime System For New Production Facility

Project Completion Date: 2015

Project Highlights

  • Removal of Operator manual downtime reason logging using automated downtime availability events
  • Automatic logging of OEE parameters
  • All data logged with context i.e. Work Orders, Product codes, operator crew information, timestamps
  • Adaptability to various machine types
  • Simple integration with multiple upstream and downstream control and reporting systems.
OEE and Downtime System For New Production Facility


Crossmuller was tasked with developing an MES Performance solution to monitor OEE on several machines at the customer’s new $100 million Australian facility.

The Wonderware MES Performance solution is a key component in the customer’s commitment to making its operations sustainable in a generation.

The requirements of the MES Performance solution include adaptability to handle 3 different machine types on 8 machines, low maintenance automated data collection with context, robust integration with the existing control system, dashboard visible on control room screens, comprehensive user interface, ERP integration and a rich set of Web Reports.
OEE and Downtime System For New Production Facility
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The Project

Crossmuller used Schneider/Wonderware’s best-in-class MES Performance module to implement an MES Performance solution. This solution was built on a state-of-the-art virtualized environment, capable of handling current and future MES requirements.

The multi-virtual machine environment was configured to run several components of the Wonderware MES Performance module that include the MES database, code platform, report server and development server.

Wonderware’s standard OPC Clients were utilized to communicate with the existing SCADA system to access tags for logging production quality, performance rates and availability to determine and log machine OEE to the MES Database (MESDB). The OPC Clients were configured for full redundancy to ensure a minimum of data loss in the event of communications outages.

The MESDB uses Microsoft’s SQL Server. Integration with the Customer’s ERP system was achieved via stored procedure calls to read data directly from the existing Oracle database to retrieve the works order schedule, product master data and crew information and write these to the MESDB to provide all logged data with context.