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Chanel Warehouse to ERP Integration

Project Completion Date: 2010

Project Highlights

  • SQL Server for local data storage and ERP Interface
  • Logistics Portal powered by Microsoft .NET for real-time picking slip status
  • Real-time OPC connectivity to the Factory Floor Control System which is powered by an Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC.
Chanel Warehouse to ERP Integration


As part of Chanel’s move into a new, self-managed warehouse complex, Crossmuller was tasked with developing a real-time interface between Chanel’s ERP Picking Slip System and the Factory Floor Control System so that product status can be monitored via monitors placed on the factory floor. The interface was required to display the status of each picking slip by ‘PickingSlipBarcode’ & ‘ToteBarcode’ for each zone product was required from.

As the product is picked, put away or replenished at each zone in the warehouse, the barcode information transmitted to the ERP database is automatically transferred to the Factory Floor Control System. This control system transmits a signal to Crossmuller’s Logistics Portal, which triggers an automatic transfer of all relevant picking slip data to its local database for display on the factory floor monitors. As orders are fulfilled at each zone, the Portal’s display is updated in real-time. The Portal allows operators to query specific orders to ensure orders have been satisfactorily processed.
Chanel Warehouse to ERP Integration
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Crossmuller’s Logistics Portal provides a powerful, real-time interface into the heart of both the Factory Floor Control System and Chanel’s ERP System for up-to-date picking slip status as orders are processed around the warehouse complex.

The Logistic Portal’s local storage ensures the ERP’s data is left untouched, providing a clean audit trail of order transactions. The local storage also ensures data is not lost if the Portal application is restarted for any reason. Power outages to the system are also managed via the Portal’s ability to be reset and all current ERP transactions to be re-imported.