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Automated Warehouse With Robotic Picking System

Project Completion Date: 2017

Project Highlights

  • Enabled manufacturer to perform at optimum efficiency
  • Increased output due to streamlined automation
  • Customisable to handle a diverse range of future applications
  • Fully automated robotic line
  • Implementation of Wonderware MES (WES).


Division: Automation, Systems Integration
Location: Central Coast, NSW
Industry: Manufacturing, Materials Handling

Australian Panels, a leading Australian Made and Owned manufacturer of particleboard and components for joinery applications partnered with Crossmuller to develop an innovative solution to streamline and optimise the operation of a new automated warehouse at one of its main production facilities.

A warehouse operating at optimum efficiency would deliver a major improvement to the site’s output capacity by taking control of the picking and outflow of finished goods orders, as well as ensuring a constant infeed of raw materials to the plant’s two new press lines.
Automated Warehouse With Robotic Picking System
Project #36

The Challenge

The entire process was previously done with many forklifts, operators, and manual racking. The paper-based system was prone to error, laborious and risky from a forklift and manual handling perspective.

Using automated systems allows for a greater density of storage, reliable stock keeping, and better optimisation of order picking to cater to the logistical needs of the business, for example, picking orders by truck departure time for streamlined truck loading.

Real-time optimisation features required could not be delivered by a standard Warehouse Management System (WMS) alone and a successful solution would be to incorporate many of the concepts of a model-driven Manufacturing Execution System (MES) as well as integrating conveyor control.

The Solution

As an endorsed Wonderware System Integrator in the MES space, Crossmuller developed a modular and configurable solution capable of handling a diverse range of applications beyond this project.

Crossmuller delivered a fully automated warehouse solution that integrates three Fanuc Robotic Stacking Cells, five ASRS Cranes and a multitude of transfer lifts, trolleys and conveyors into a single optimised demand-driven warehouse. The system’s flexibility to integrate with a variety of downstream users and underlying systems is highlighted by the fact that the automated warehouse concurrently handles the supply of outgoing finished goods for customer delivery and raw materials for the two new press lines to maintain production at full capacity.
Project #36