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Vision Decisions at 200 per Second

Vision Decisions at 200 per Second
Crossmuller was tasked with developing a quality control vision solution to detect numerous defects on a high speed manufacturing process.

Defective items were tracked and rejected from the line automatically.

The challenge was to provide 100% inspection and rejection for 10 defect types at speeds of up to 10,000 units per minute in order to eliminate complaints.

Start trigger, acquire, analyse, detect, decision, track, defect………in less than 6 milliseconds!

Integrating Beckhoff and Siemens PLC’s

The architecture utilised a Beckhoff PLC to get the 150micro second scan speed required. This integrated with a Siemens PLC to manage interfacing with the machine controller, and the tracking and reporting functionality.

Basler High Speed Camera’s

Crossmuller used one of the first implementations of Adept Turnkey’s high speed Dalsa FPGA frame-grabber cards, coupled with industrial spec Basler cameras via active CameraLink cables and Beckhoff high speed PLCs to deliver the solution.

An image is acquired for each unit in the production line and 10 algorithms are run on the image at real time via a three camera system. If the item is defective, it is tracked to a reject point and rejected off the line with a high speed air valve.

HMI delivered for Configuration and Control

HMI software was custom developed to provide an intuitive user interface with the following features:

  • Secure Login to allow multi-level access to operators, supervisors and administrators
  • Situational awareness for operators and supervisors of live defect rates and specific defects detected.
  • Alarm module for active and historical alarm review and machine stop control for critical alarms
  • Historical image and metric data for on the fly decision making e.g. do machinery components need adjustment in order to manufacture products at the desired high standard.


Functionality Delivered

  • Ultra High speed performance for 100% Inspection and defect rejection
  • Complete user control of product specific vision algorithms
  • Full Production Metrics
  • Product-invariant algorithm design (i.e. algorithms can handle any new products introduced)

Other Applications

This solution has been developed to port easily across to other high speed vision applications. If you are looking for defects at very high speeds, we have the solution ready.

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