SAP Interface and Wonderware SCADA for a Palletising System

SAP Interface and Wonderware SCADA for a Palletising System
The customer is a leader in the Australia/New Zealand food and beverage industry. Crossmuller was tasked with developing both a SAP to Wonderware Interface solution and a Wonderware SCADA system to provide visibility and control over 7 robot palletising cells.

An interface was required with the client’s SAP system to bring scheduled production orders down to the control layer. Once at the control layer, production from various lines were required to divert products to the appropriate robot cell in order to fulfil those scheduled orders.

Due to the size of the physical plant the SCADA solution also needed to cater for mobile functionality, so that operators could control and view the plant from the traditional fixed SCADA screen and also via mobile tablets (in this case iPads with hard cases).


Crossmuller implemented Wonderware’s System Platform coupled with InTouch for System Platform to deliver the solution to the customer. High performance, situational-awareness graphics were used to provide a plant overview. The HMI application was deployed onto multiple Operator Interface Terminals, as well as touch screen tablets (iPads).

The SAP interface utilised Wonderware ArchestrA objects to:

  • Import scheduled SAP orders down to the control layer.

  • Provide SAP confirmations of produced pallets and retrieve/print SSCC label data generated by SAP.

  • Provide historical, shift-based, production metrics.

  • The above picture shows situational awareness graphics depicting status and manual control of Robot Cells.



  • High performance graphics improve operator situational awareness to make the right decisions, quicker.

  • Touch-screen tablets provide rapid response for maintenance personnel, reducing downtime.

  • Integration from SAP down to the control layer streamlined scheduling.

  • Production is visible to SAP / business layer.

Intouch Screen using Situational Awareness Concept


Ipad with Rugged Case for Mobile HMI Use

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