Fibre Cement Interleave Inspection System

Fibre Cement Interleave Inspection System
Crossmuller was tasked with developing a vision solution to track the number of times interleave fibre cement boards cycle through autoclaves used in the manufacturing process.

The Challenge

The Customer is a leader in the construction industry, manufacturing various building products for residential and commercial customers.

The existing technology utilized was not accurate and resulted in excessive downtime when interleaves exceeded their life expectancy and disintegrated on the line. The requirements of the replacement vision solution included;

  • Adaptability to various surface finishes ranging from very light and plain, to old, dark or mottled
  • Robust durability
  • Low maintenance
  • Ability to handle both a dusty and moist environment
  • Robust integration with control system
  • Low capital investment and operating costs



The vision system assesses the target location on the presented interleave for the presence of black paint dots which indicate the number of times the interleave has cycled through the   autoclave. The number of paint dots found by the camera is transmitted to the line control system via a binary-coded set of digital signals.

The vision tool settings were designed to filter out non-paint dot artefacts such as stains, cracks and age marks located on the interleave in the target zone. Particular care was taken with enclosing the camera in a positive pressure environment with the addition of an Omron ionizer to limit particulates building up on the lens.

The SICK Inspector range of smart camera technology provided a solution which is a stand-alone unit with on-board processing and a wide range of communication and integration options available. The provision of a standard library of image tools and a powerful   intuitive development environment allows for rapid code development and   deployment.




  • Adaptability to various product surface defects
  • Accurate and reliable measurement data
  • Simple integration with a control system
  • Transparent and low maintenance operation
  • Comprehensive system documentation and staff training provided
  • Solves product tracking challenge

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