F & B Industry, Recipe System Upgrade

F & B Industry, Recipe System Upgrade
One of Australia’s largest Condiments manufacturers recently upgraded its Cooking Hall area.

Crossmuller was responsible for the design, installation, and commissioning of the control system for the upgrade. The works included the upgrade of a Recipe System to batch and execute the new facility.

The Scope of Work included:

  • Recipe System to Batch a number of ingredients into a cooking vessel, confirming delivery and cooking the ingredients. The cooked product was then discharged to a designated packaging area. Batching functionality included automatic, semi-automatic and individual manual control of all products and functions.

  • Electrical installation and process control of a new cooking vessel.

  • Electrical design, installation and control of a valve matrix system utilised in the recipe management system. This matrix system comprised a number of valves to control product flow to selected vessels as well as common flow meters for each ingredient type.

  • Full safety upgrade including programmable safety system through a distributed field safety system.

  • Upgrade and automation of the existing equipment.

  • Project management and coordination.

  • Integration of a third party supplied CIP cleaning system.

  • Integration with a third party supplied cooking vessel.

  • Electrical design and drawings to the customer’s standards.

  • Documentation, training and a detailed training manual.

  • Production Support

The Control System Upgrade included upgrades to the Rockwell PLCs, Wonderware’s Intouch and Recipe System, the area Weiland Safety System, local PanelViews and the inclusion of ABB Mass Flow Meters and Hygienic Valves

  • Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC communicating to the factory network, and numbers of remote cabinets consisting of distributed I/O via Ethernet IP protocol. This system also required communications to a number of other PLCs of varying vintage.
  • Distributed I/O through the Flex I/O system on Ethernet IP.

  • Wonderware InTouch. This work built on the customer’s existing operator interface system to deliver better operator information of the process, and access to the new Recipe System.

  • Wieland Samos safety system with distributed safety was incorporated into the overall solution.

  • ABB flow meters and SPV hygienic control valves were key elements in the overall project objectives of improving both the accuracy and hygienic rating of the Cooking Floor production area.


This system is now delivering quality product to customers through an automated recipe and cooking process.

Steve Wynn
Crossmuller Senior Projects Manager

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