Borg Manufacturing - Charmhaven Flex Line

Borg Manufacturing - Charmhaven Flex Line
Borg Manufacturing recently installed a new integrated kitchen door production line at their manufacturing plant in Charmhaven NSW.

The line consists of a Raw Board Storage System supplied by Bargstedt, an Angular saw supplied by Holzma, a Flexline (Edgebander), supplied by Homag as well as Conveyors, a Vertical Accumulator and Robot Storage Warehouse designed and built by Crossmuller's Automation team.

Crossmuller Robotic Vertical Store

In addition to the overall mechanical design and layout, Crossmuller's Systems Integration division provided a fully integrated line control system based around Wonderware's MES for work order execution, data tracking and inventory management.

The MES is interfaced with a Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system for download of production work orders and upload of inventory data.  The system holds and tracks all relevant data relating to a door or re-usable off-cut.  This includes the following:

  • Piece identification number (door or offcut)
  • Piece length
  • Piece width
  • Piece thickness
  • Batch number
  • Material
  • Job number
  • Piece location (Inventory locations)


Wonderware's System Platform is used to implement interfaces to each of the vendor equipment packages, and an Intouch SCADA system provides overall line control and monitoring.

The core object model for the of the system is based on ISA-S95 hierarchical principles in order to provide:

  • Maintainability
  • Logical organisation of asset hierarchy
  • Scalability
  • Ease of integration of different components of the manufacturing plant.


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